USA 2005
Florida & Bahamas

Here we are in America ...well here's Kath eating in & for America

This is our apartment in Orlando
Kath and Margaret are seen here rooting in their handbags...
...probably looking for something to eat

This is the hired car parked outside the reception and breakfast room.
Here we see the 2 girls emerging from their hearty breakfast

Jon and Margaret in Disneyworld wondering what sort of Mickey Mouse outfit this is

As lunch time approaches, here we see Kath limbering up

Meantime, here is Johnny tickling a complete stranger under the chin
What's that all about?

Here are the girls rehearsing the same look with matching outfits and hairstyles so that both can eat for the price of one in the "All You Can Eat" buffet.

A rouse that proved successful on several occasions

Here is Margaret, just after breakfast, working out how long 'til lunch

Here are two jolly sailors on their way to the Bahamas
Kath is seen in a rare moment when she is not smiling.....nor eating

Here are Wendy and Elgin, our adopted children while in the Bahamas

A very handsome couple and lovely people as well... mother and father to Micah, who they missed on an hourly basis

Here's Kath eating....again.. in the Bahamas

Taken in the mirror of our room in the Bahamas..the only way Jon could prove he was there

One of these is a dragon......and the other is made of lego bricks..

...only Margaret's closest friends and family know she is from a long line of lego's Kath and Johnny meeting up with some of Margaret's family

This is Kath having a snack... she had intended going for a plodge in the sea but it started raining.....and she didn't want to get wet...
Notice the time on Kath's's the same time as on the first picture, proving that Kath has been eating this meal for 24 hours...a record, even by her standards