Sweden 2007

Well, here we are again. I do hope I can colour co-ordinate with Rhoda a bit better this time. First night, and I've failed already

Margaret, I thought I could rely on you...why didn't you tell me you two were wearing white with pink underneath today

My Mum's got it wrong again...she forgot to wear pink
My ear's a bit sore today. Is your's Margaret?

I can see you thought ahead Annette and brought a stand by little pink number. I do wish your Mum would think ahead

I'm soooo sorry Rhoda, please don't be stern with me. I'll try to get it right next time

I bet you're glad, Jon, that you don't have to colour co-ordinate with anybody. My, doesn't that chair suit you. You're all head and arms and that belly of your's has vanished completely. You should wear that chair more often

Yes Margaret and Annette have big smiles...well, they're in pink and white. They're not getting ear ache from Rhoda....I can't understand it. I really meant to wear pink today

I just can't believe how stupid I've been.
I've been in pink all day, without knowing it...all I had to do was take my coat off

Meantime, Martin sketches a levee

While Rhoda snaps a Chevy

Is that the Fashion Police? Look I'm sorry but I've had to put my coat back on. The temperature has dropped drastically

No Rhoda they didn't arrest me.They suggested a compromise. They said wear your red coat open, like Margaret is, to show the pink underneath. Have you ever considered showing your pink underneath Rhoda? You don't seem to follow your own rules. You'd better watch out m'lady... the fashion police are everywhere

Annette is your ear-ache any better, pet?

Our Annette's ear-ache seems to be getting worse
Let's all turn our backs on her and see if that helps

Oh my God Rhoda's been captured by the old hat lady
Buggar all that chivalry stuff I'm off....yer on your own this time Rhoda!!

Ok I'll open my coat and show my pink underneath...yes and I'll tell my friend to keep her's open.
I had no idea you were working undercover for the Fashion Police

Oh Margaret it was awful...me and Rhoda got a right dressing down. I'm freezing but I'll have to keep my coat open
I see our Annette's ear is no better, then

Oh don't say I've caught our Annette's ear lurgy. I'll just keep an eye on the bairn to make sure she's not buying any more ice cream. Goodness me, can that girl eat

Annette this is my food. Don't think I can't see you trying to steal one of my chips

Just drink yer pop and leave the serious eating to me

Yes, just as I thought. Annette's hidden a few of my chips beneath the table

Thanks Lady for the apple I'm starvin' I've hardly eaten today

Eating again are we dear?

Of couse... I've only had an ice cream, fish and chips, an apple and these two bananas

Hey you, little 'un, I thought I told you to wear purple today

OK Mum, I'll change the baby...you're getting as bad as Rhoda

Oh, my ear is fine today, thank you for asking...it's my throat that's sore today

Yes, that's right Rhoda, you hide behind something wide
Me and Jon are in matching outfits and you clash dreadfully

Here Jon I'll just pick you one of these lovely flowers

Well here we are at the very last Museum. IWhen we do this we'll have done every single museum in Stockholm....354 in all

Right Martin I'm just crossing it off the list

By the way, Margaret, I've a bone to pick with you
Didn't I tell you to wear your green on the outside

I'm still very hungry Mum

No more food just yet dear. You're getting too big. Look how small me and your Dad were at your age

Here's the whole bunch, well, except for Jon. He couldn't be on as Martin had forgotten to pack his wide angled lens

As rafts go, this must be one of the comfiest around

As we have our last cuppa at the Hotel while waiting for the taxi to the Airport to arrive, it's good not to do all that colour co-ordination stuff isn't it?