Birthday Poems

Today, you ought to know

How very precious you are to me,

I find my thoughts of you

Are as loving as can be

Things are in my heart

That words can't quite express

This comes for you today

May this birthday be the best

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

This birthday wish comes to you.

On a day when wishes do come true.
Wish today that this day brings,
A year filled with wonderful things.

Happy Birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Birthday Wishes

May your birthday wishes come true
This card is sent to say

We can’t be there, but we’ll be thinking of you

Have a truly wonderful day

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Birthday Tidings

These Birthday Tidings

Come your way

They’re short....
Enjoy your day!!!

Have a Wonderful Birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Happy Birthday Greeting

This Happy Birthday greeting

Wends its postal way

From us to you, with lots of love

Have a fan-dabby-dozy day

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Special Birthday Day and Year

Today is your birthday

May it be wonderful for you

And may the coming 12 months

Be fantastic too

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤
Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday Kind of Day

Have a ‘Happy Birthday’ kind of day

Full of fun and laughter

And don’t stop there, keep it going

For your whole life thereafter
..lots of love
❤ Jon Bratton  ❤
Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday Greeting

Here’s wishes for a special day

And all that you do

And for the coming weeks and months

And yes, the years and decades, too

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Birthday Card Greetings

Hoping that your birthday

Is happy all day through

For no one on this Planet

Deserves that more than you

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Birthday Wishes of Niceness

Today this brings wishes, most sincere

I’m a cheapskate coz wishes, aren’t dear

But I’ve added invisible bits of niceness

And the loyalty of a friend...that’s priceless!!

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤
Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday Day

May you have a great birthday day

Filled with lots of cheer

And may the coming three-six-five days

Make for a happy year.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Happy birthday wish

This birthday wish comes your way

Full of love for your special day

Here’s hoping all your dreams come true

You deserve the best, you most certainly do
❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

birthday wish funny

This birthday wish

Comes your way

For happiness...(and food and wine)

On this, your special day
❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

 More Birthday Poems

Short Happy Birthday Greetings

Oh special one

Have lots of fun

Today, on your birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Birthday Wishes Words

These Birthday Wishes words

Come your way

To wish you

A greeeeeat day!!

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤
Birthday Poems

Birthday Wishes Words

These esoteric birthday wishes words

Are heartfelt, poignant and true

To say especially to you (Carol) on this day

You’re flippin’ fandabbido

Have a wonderful day

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Birthday Wish

This birthday wish is filled with love

Just for you, today

May it be spendiferous

As it should, on your birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Special Day wishes message

On this your Special Day

I send this card to you to say

I hope it will be joyous-

Fun in every way

Happy Birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Happy birthday greetings

I bring you happy birthday greetings

And wish you jollity and cheer

Have a really wonderful time today

And throughout the coming year

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Best Birthday Wishes

This card brings to you best birthday wishes

For the best day of the year,

When you enjoy love and laughter

Merriment and cheer

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤
Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday Wishes

We wish for you the best of everything,

May all your birthday wishes come true

A wonderfully happy day is deserved

By no one more than you

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Birthday Greetings

Another Birthday is here for you

What a day you’ll have, no doubt

This is no whispering birthday greetings

This is more a 

Happy Birthday 


❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Happy Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday Greetings to you

Hope your day is full of fun and mirth

And a fitting way to celebrate

The (34th) Anniversary of your Birth

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Let your frown be upside down

It’s your (XX)th birthday

Take yourself out to town

Join friends, have merriment

Let your frown be upside down

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Birthday Wishes messages

Your Birthday is a time for sending

Wishes and messages warm and true

And by this specially (selected)(made) card

This is what I hereby do

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤
Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday Greeting

It's your Birthday

Hip Hip Hooray

Drink wine

Is what I say!

Have a good one

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Why is a birthday cake the only food
On which you can blow and spit
And despite this lack of hygiene
Everybody wants a bit

Don't let this put you off
Have a wonderful birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

You're at an age when, finally,
Life's jigsaw fits
Your head is now together
But your body's falling to bits.

Hold yourself together
At least for today, your birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

We can't help getting older,
Or so we're told
Well, here's a good birthday tip
You don't have to get old.
So don't
Have a wonderful birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

On your birthday, here's the Senility Prayer

May God grant you the senility to forget the people you never liked,
the good fortune to run into the people you do,
and the eyesight to tell the difference.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

I love your sense of humor
Your smile, your face, and eyes
Aren't I good at birthday wishes?
I'm good at telling lies
But not today, on your birthday
Have a wonderful time

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤
Birthday Poems

Don't think of having face lifts
And don't change the clothes you wear
Now you've reached this old old age
Don't start to dye your hair
But do lie about your age

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Just because you're (30) ,
Don't despair, oh no
Overnight you won't discover
You've lost your get up and go.
Nor will you become all wrinkled,
Nor ache from head to toe.
So even though you're ripening
Don't regard it as a blow,
You won't suddenly look decrepit ....

...Cos that happened long ago!!

Ha Ha!...Happy Birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Mary had a little lamb,
She tied it to a pylon,
10,000 volts shot up it’s bum
And turned it’s wool to nylon

It beats that old chestnut
Happy Birthday to you

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Birthdays are nice to have,
Yes, that's true
But, bear in mind, eventually
They do kill you.

Don't have them more than once a year

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Here's a birthday message
That's, not just helpful, but that's true
Some days you're the pigeon,
Some days, the shat-upon statue

Today is definitely a pigeon day.
Happy Birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

A birthday message
It pays not to forget
The best birthdays are the ones
That haven’t arrived yet.

Enjoy today's

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤
Birthday Poems

If you were a chicken…
you would be a nugget by now!

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Don't do anything embarrassing on your birthday this year.
You don't have as much time to live it down as you used to.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

The worst part about lying about your age
Is when everybody accepts it, as a goer
And you kick yourself as you realise
You could have gone even lower!

Have a good 'un

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

You've survived another year.
Although you're older,
it's better than the alternative

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Here's a birthday message
I hope is to your liking
You're not too old, assuming
You can read this writing

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Here's my birthday message
Which I admit is a little naughty
You deserve to have more than (twelve) years
Between your current age and forty.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Here's my birthday message
Which I admit is just a bit shifty
You deserve to have more than (twelve) years
Between your current age and fifty.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

My birthday message
Carries this invaluable Life Hint
Don't read health books.
You could die of a misprint.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

The following are based on
Adam Sandler's Song

Once a year we celebrate with stupid hats and plastic plates,
the fact that you were able to make another trip around the sun.
And the whole clan gathers round' gifts and laughter do bound,
we let out a joyful sound and sing that stupid song.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Happy Birthday, now your one year older.
Happy Birthday, your life still isn't over.
Happy Birthday, you did not accomplish much.
But you didn't die this year i guess that's good enough.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Lets drink to your fading health,
and hope you don't remind yourself
Your chance of finding fame and wealth
decrease with every year.
Dose it feel like you're doing laps,
and eating food and taking naps,
And hoping that some day, perhaps,
Your life will hold some cheer.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Happy Birthday, what have you done that matters?
Happy Birthday, your starting to get fatter.
Happy Birthday, it's downhill from now on.
Try not to remind yourself your best years are all gone.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

If cryogenics were all free then you could live like Walt Disney
and live for all eternity inside a block of ice.
But instead your time is set this is the only life you get,
and though it hasen't ended yet some times you wish it MIGHT

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Happy Birthday, you wish you had more money.
Happy Birthday, your lifes so sad it's funny.
Happy Birthday, how much more can you take?
But your friends are hungry so just cut the stupid cake.

End of Adam S song inspired poems

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

I wish you happiness
And joy in life
And many more birthdays
To bring you delight

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

There is great need for a sarcasm font.
Oooops - I meant to say "Have a wonderful Birthday"

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Stop complaining about your age
I'm older than you!!

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Something nice to say to you, on your birthday
Here's my best endeavor
You are only young once,
But you can be immature for ever.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤
Birthday Poems

You started out with nothing,
And still have most of it left, to be fair
Is something that could be said on your birthday
But I wouldn't dare
Instead I say 'happy birthday"

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Laughter lines you say?
Well, here's what I say, Honey
Something in your life must have been
Hilariously funny

Only a very good friend, can be this cheeky
Have a wonderful birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Thanks to modern medical advances
It is now often found
That people pass the age of 40,
More than once around

How many times have you passed it now?
Same as me. huh?

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

To know how to grow old
Is one of the most difficult things to do
 The great art of living.
 Takes a genius, and that's you

Have a wonderful birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤
Birthday Poems

You’re such a lovely (grandma) (person) (friend) in every kind of way.
That’s why this wish brings so much love to fill your special day.
It comes with warmest memories of caring things you’ve done.
The countless happy times we’ve shared so treasured every one.
And now your birthday's here it brings a chance to let you know,
As birthdays come and go
Because it brings so much happiness each day the whole year through
To have a (grandma) (person) (friend)  who is really wonderful like you.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Because you mean so very much each day throughout the year,
and sending you this message especially to say,
you deserve a world of happiness today and every day.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

PLeas'd to look forward,
pleas'd to look behind,
And count each birthday
with a grateful mind.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Step Dad

You’re really just like a dad to me
So this is coming your way
With lots of loving wishes
On your very special day

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤
Birthday Poems

You’re wished a Happy Birthday,
In every kind of way,
Because you’re loved and cared for
More than words can ever say.
You bring a certain sense of joy
That’s kept inside the heart
Because you are so wonderful
And have been from the start T
hat’s why these birthday wishes
Are such a joy to send
May it be the happiest day T
hat you could ever hope to spend

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Each day is a new canvas to paint upon.
Make sure your picture is full of life and happiness,
and at the end of the day you don't look at it
and wish you had painted something different.

Happy Birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤
Birthday Poems

This wish for a Happy Birthday brings more love than words can say-
Love that holds you close in thought and close in heart each day!
Happiness on Your Birthday and Always!

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

At your age it's hard to be devil-may-care
What with those pleats in your derriere
And it aint easy surrendering to sin
While trying to hold your stomach in

So, on your (70th) birthday, here's a poem
To make you mark you, not grin
Cos you don't want to go to the bother
Of putting your teeth back in

A husband's note to his 64 year old wife said
"You don't excite me, but I still love you, dear
I'm spending this evening at the Premier Inn
With my 32 year old assistant, Maria
I know you'll understand that a man of my age
Needs to relive his youth, by getting flirty
But, loyally, I'll return tonight
Expect me about 12.30"

When the man came home that night
He found on the dining room table
A note headed My dear husband
It was from his dear wife Mabel

"As a math teacher, I'm very good with figures
I'm 64, but you, my dear, are 68
I, too, have an assignation this evening
And I, too, will be home somewhat late
When I say somewhat late, I mean very late
There's a simple explanation
A 16 year old student needs extra curricular help
I'm teaching him multiplication
Mathematically, 68 can't go fully into 32
As you will have found to your sorrow
Whereas, you know how many times 16 goes into 64
So I'll see you sometime tomorrow"

Hope it made you smile
Have a really happy birthday

Jon Bratton 2011
based on a joke by someone else unknown and the first four lines are adapted from the fine work of Judith Viorst

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤ Birthday Poems

“He that is not handsome at 20, nor strong at 30, nor rich at 40, nor wise at 50, will never be handsome, strong, rich or wise.”
George Herbert said that unkindly
But the bastard didn't say it in a birthday card to his aesthetically, financially and academically challenged friend.
Have as happy a birthday as you can manage, under the circumstances, old buddy

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤ Birthday Poems

Happy Birthday. You've got a great life,
You're healthy, you look wonderful, your tummy's flat
How could a measly present from me
Compete with all of that?

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Funny Birthday Poems, Verses, Quotes

So many candles
So little cake

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

May all your birthday dreams come true
..especially the tall, dark, dishy ones
Happy Birthday,

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

First, you were a good BOY,
Then, you became a nice KID,
You were then a great GUY,
Later, you grew up to be a fine MAN,

Now, you're just an old FART !!

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤ Birthday Poems

As you get older,
you gain knowledge,
tolerance and serenity
...then your teeth fall out.
Happy Birthday,

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Growing old is mandatory...
Growing up is optional !

Happy Birthday
(and keep acting your shoe size)

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Another candle on your cake?
Well, that's no cause to pout.
Be glad that you have strength enough
To blow the damn thing out.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤ Birthday Poems

At your age...
You've got achy, breaky everything !!

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

At your age...
You've seen it've heard it all...
You've done it all....

You just can't remember it all...

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

If things get better with age,
Then you are approaching Magnificent.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Inside every older person
is a young person
wondering what the hell happened !
Happy Birthday,

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

It used to be wine, women and song...
now it's beer, the old lady and TV !!

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

You're not aging....You're marinating

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

You're not old...You've just been young a very long time

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

The worst part about lying about your age
is when everybody believes you...
...and you realize
that you could have gone
even lower!

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Never lie about your age
except in the case of an emergency... if somebody should ask how old you are.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Yet More Funny Birthday Poems, Verses, Quotes....

It's your birthday,
but I don't think of you as a little older...
...I think of you as a lot older.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

You can either continue
to get older
or you can die...
What do you mean
you want to think about it
for awhile?

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

I've never really doubted your age...
You were just born ahead of your time!

Happy Birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

This birthday card was made
for a person just your age...
It's got a very high fiber content.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

You're having a BIRTHDAY,
so don't just sit there...
...Do something OLD.

You should really celebrate on your birthday.
Take TWO naps today.

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

The polar ice caps are melting
Prevention measures, we must take
So please don't think of lighting
All those candles on your cake

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

It's only natural
to become quieter as we grow older...
It's not easy to talk
and hold in your stomach
at the same time!

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

Heard your birthday was canceled...
...due to lack of aging!

Have a Great One!

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

As we grow older we often find
that it is often better
to light one small candle...
...than to be seen in fluorescent lighting.

Happy Birthday

❤ Jon Bratton  ❤

This collection of funny birthday poems, verses and quotes has only just begun. It will grow
More Jon Bratton Birthday Poems

Is it the birthday of your lover? Here's
Love Birthday Poems

Its hard to find a greeting, 

Nice enough to send to you, 

For you're so very special 

That the usual ones won't do - 

But this one seems just perfect, 

For it really makes it clear
That you're close in thought not know and then
But all throughout the year 
Happy Birthday

Just like bright and lovely flowers 

May joy fill your birthday hours. 

Whatever gifts you're hoping for 

Wishing you all those and more. 

Love and laughter all day through 

Shared with friends and family too.

A day that makes you realise 

You're special, in the whole world's eyes!

With Love 

on your 



Daughter Poem 

You really are a Daughter 

Who fills our home with cheer. 

And you grow more beautiful 

With each and every year.

We're lucky you're our Daughter 

And we hope you'll always know. 

That we love you and we're proud of you 

As your Birthdays come and go. 

With love 

on your 



Happy Birthday means much more

Than have a happy day.

Within these words lie lots of things

We never get to say.

It means we love you first of all,

Then thanks for all you do.

It means you mean a lot to us,

And that we're proud of you.

But most of all, we guess it means

That we are thinking of

Your happiness on this, your day,

With pleasure and with love.


Thank you just for being you,

For all the caring things you do,

I love you more than words can say,

And wish you happiness today.

Happy B'day

The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything. 

Oscar Wilde said that

Happy Birthday, my old friend. For your birthday gift I have deposited $10 million in a Swiss bank account in your name


You can't get too many Birthday wishes

Some are bound to come true

And you’ll have a year bordering on magnificent

So here's another BIG BUMPER BIRTHDAY WISH for you


Happy Birthday 
from the heart

The medically recommended spot 

 all good wishes start


Your birthday 
is always 
such a pleasure
 to remember


Sorry this card is late

Hope your birthday was good


Wishing you birthday 
good stuff

Have a Beautiful Day


May your birthday be

May you find yourself 

Long after
 it’s over

Indeed, until the next one turns up

Happy Birthday


Hope wonderment 
come your way

On your very 
special day

Happy Birthday


One to-day is worth two to-morrows.

Benjamin Franklin

This is definitely true today.