Happy Birthday Son Poems

Welcome to Happy Birthday Son poems which brings you free birthday poems, verses, quotes for a card for a son or son in law or step son or adopted son 

Wishing you
special happiness,
wonderful memories...
and all the best
on your birthday
and every day.

Happy Birthday Son


I look back in time, Young and very innocent
Seeing the world through your eyes
Memories I hold safe in my heart 
To sometimes unwrap with a smile and the comfort of a sigh
Now my little boy is grown, 
And a man you have become


Happy (23rd) birthday
A day of good food and fun,
Nothing's too good
For our very special son.


A world of wishes, Son,
Meant especially for you,
May all the nicest things be yours
Today and all year through!

Happy Birthday


Son, you're the best in town
Nay the County, indeed, the Nation
Here's wishing a Happy Birthday
To my favourite relation
Sons who are nice as you 
Are great to be related to!

Happy Birthday Son Poems

Sons like you are hard to find
There are so many pubs....
...you could be in any one of them!


When it comes to Sons
There's lots of them about
But you're the very very best
Of that, there is no doubt


A son is someone special
to remember with warmth,
think of with pride,
and cherish with love.

Happy Birthday Son


Happy Birthday Son
This card is sent to say,
May only good things happen
Each and every day.


Your birthday seems the perfect
time to say a word or two,
about how nice it is to have
a son just like you

Happy Birthday, (Michael)


You're a wonderful son
Who fills our life with cheer,
We are so very proud of you
Each day of every year.

Happy Birthday (Jack)


When everything's considered
When all is said and done
We think, perhaps, that maybe
You're the World's greatest son
Happy Birthday (James)


50th Birthday Poems

Welcome to 50th Birthday Poems

You've reached the big five O
It's a day to be bold
So time to have some party fun
Next year you'll be too old

 Jessica Browne


You've started the Five-O decade
Let the celebrations begin,
Enjoy your day, eat and drink hearty
This is not the time..... to be thin

  Jessica Browne


You've hung around and got to fifty,
It's a landmark that's true,
So, congrats, congrats, it's time
To raise a glass or two,

So gather round your friends,
And loved ones. Why? Because
This milestone occasion's wants marking
The day is entirely yours

Jessica Browne


You're 50 year old today
Don't let it get you down,
You still look forty nine
So no need for frown,
Enjoy your celebration
Hope it's a day that blasts,
Dig into your energy store
Use it...while it lasts

  Jessica Browne


So now you've reached fifty
Stop panicking about your age
You've climbed that mythical hill
You're beginning the descent stage

In veiled terms, I've just told you
You're now over the hill
But you can still let your hair down
With the help of an energy pill

 Jessica Browne


Welcome to the over Fifties Club
Don't be filled with sorrow
Enjoy today, party hearty
You're over fifty tomorrow

Have a wonderful 50th
And in 24 hours
 Welcome to the Club, 

  Jessica Browne


Heartiest congratulations (Bill) 
On reaching the big Five-O
You've been a dynamic whirlwind all your life
But now you're running slow


To my "lets go upstairs and make passionate love"
You used to bound up with glee
Now it's "I can't do stairs and passion 
You'll have to choose which it's to be"

50th birthday poems

You used to be insatiable
You were always there on cue
Now the expression "all nighter" means
Not getting up for the loo


As for the fact you're thinning
That's hardly fair
You're not folically challenged
You've just outgrown your hair


Lots of folk have 40 winks
That's a natural response
You do that and read the paper
While watching telly, all at once


So it's OK for you to slow down
You're getting older, after all
It's time for you to invest in a pipe
Some slippers and a shawl


The clues that you're getting old
Are there (Bill) it's true
Your belt won't buckle any more
But your knees most certainly do


You've entered your 70th decade
But you look good all the same
Who cares if your hair is thin and grey
And you'll suit a Zimmer frame


We've been together since we were young
We're now getting old, and how
The fire is still within us
We just call it heartburn now

50th birthday poems

Now you've reached this old old age
Don't start to dye your hair
Don't think of having face lifts
And don't change the clothes you wear


Don't modify your language
Don't rebel and cause outrage
Decide to do the decent thing
Just lie about your age


You're not at all like a (50) year old
And I mean what I say
Mind you, being a (Jim Reeves) fan
Is a dead giveaway


Enough of all these insults
I do hope you realize
How highly you’re respected
How kind you are, and wise


God bless you on your birthday
Let the celebrations start
Enjoy life’s oh so precious gifts
And remain young at heart.


For age is just a state of mind
And life can be such fun
And you still know how to party
As much as anyone


50th birthday poems

So let's make this a memorable occasion
In every single way
And I'll be there to help you
Ensure it's a wonderful day


The love of friends and family
Will be with you today
So enjoy the many wishes
Which are bound to come your way


Let your 50th Birthday
Be the best one of your life...so far..
This comes with love from (Name)
Your best friend and wife

Jon Bratton  2006


Goodness me are you really fifty?
And yet you're really still quite nifty
Suppose now you'll have to be
Staid and refined, not unlike me
So when, if we ever, go out downtown
Who'll get the job of playing the clown
I guess not us, we'll be toeing the line
We'll leave that to the youngsters, still 49

MargMax 2009 



This page brings you free funny 50th birthday poems and quotes suitable for cards, scrapbooking pages, speeches and toasts in relation to 50th birthdays for mothers, mom, mum, dad, woman, man or a friend. These poems tend to incorporate age jokes about being over the hill, all the person's bits travelling south, being less fit, putting on weight, hard to get out of the chair, knees going, memory fading, eyes dimming etc.